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Dragon King's Son-In-Law
The Real Diary of a Real Boy

NovelDragon King’s Son-In-LawDragon King’s Son-In-Law
Chapter 759 – The Girls Are All Here~ cow damp
She really couldn’t carry to discover the girls leave behind.
“Grandma, you must look after by yourself. I’ll visit education in a while,” Hao Ren explained while he assisted Granny into the residence.
Lu Linlin and Lu Lili didn’t arrived at visit Grandma probably since they were definitely scared of generating her unhappy.
Perhaps the young cultivators on the school didn’t truly feel anything at all exclusive about right now.
“She… won’t,” Hao Ren resolved after having a occasion of doubt.
Discovering Hao Ren’s eyes on the, Xie Yujia transformed redder. “She will deliver wedding party during the mortal entire world in my opinion.”
Her overall tone was full of longing to the Lu sisters, but she wasn’t their blood stream-related grandma therefore couldn’t impact their existence.
Sensation Hao Ren’s firm grip in her fretting hand, Xie Yujia was aware that they got were built with a challenging nighttime.
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Even though she was aware how the dragon ruler and dragon senior citizens inside the Dragon Tribe all had many better half, she obtained somewhat furious when she spotted Hao Ren’s dazzling look.
The Regressed Demon Lord is Kind
“About what?” Hao Ren blinked and requested her.
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Seeing Grandma’s sad term, Hao Ren sensed sorry.
In reality, he had needed Lu Linlin and Lu Lili to settle, but they also had manufactured their decision, and he couldn’t compel these people to say on terrain for himself and his grandma.
Her strengthen was loaded with longing for the Lu sisters, but she wasn’t their blood vessels-relevant grandma and thus couldn’t obstruct their existence.
Feeling Hao Ren’s snug grip in her fingers, Xie Yujia recognized he obtained enjoyed a tricky night.
The point that Hao Ren could plant this mystic crystal demonstrated that he got a company understanding in what he pursued, it allowed him to survive through to the survive occasion.
On the longer counter, Xie Yujia let Hao Ren sleep his directly her legs and caressed his ear with her palms.
“Pervert!” When Hao Ren proved no objection for their arrangement, Zhao Yanzi removed her fist all over again and pounded on his chest.
“About what?” Hao Ren blinked and asked her.
“As to Su Han, will she proceed to another city as well?” During the warmer residence, delicate Granny required all over again.
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“Forget it.” To his surprise, Granny suddenly altered her head and waved her fretting hand. “Young young girls have their own personal everyday life. Due to the fact they wish to check out the southern, I have to depart them be.”
The fact that Hao Ren could place this mystic crystal demonstrated that he had a firm perception with what he sought, it permitted him to final prior to the final moment.
Out from the seashore, Hao Ren didn’t permit go Zhao Yanzi and Xie Yujia’s palms, cheris.h.i.+ng them far more right after experiencing the boundless real danger lurking from the private procedure of growing the mystic crystal.
“Don’t worry, Grandmother. Our property will be radiant all over again,” Hao Ren had taken Grandma’s hands and said.
“Grandma! We’re here for you!” Zhao Yanzi and Xie Yujia hurried over and performed her biceps and triceps, stating almost simultaneously.
Xie Yujia glanced at him with disapproval at his lie, but her gaze was still gentle and great despite her muted scold.
The surroundings of Eastern Water College was excellent. Resting on the lengthy table about the meadow with the lake, Hao Ren considered the quiet lake almost like he had been relaxing inside a playground.
Her 3rd Granddad had said that those cultivators without any agency idea or even a apparent intellect wouldn’t dare to place mystic crystals because an individual annoying considered would transform the mystic crystal in your body to a bomb. This torturous emotion about the upcoming threat usually survived at least over half on a daily basis, which was over what ordinary cultivators could tolerate.
“Grandma! We’re here for you!” Zhao Yanzi and Xie Yujia hurried over and performed her arms, stating almost simultaneously.
“If they appreciate Hao Ren, they may keep with him. Alas! It should be Hao Ren’s fault they will kept! He must have harmed them!” Granny unexpectedly considered this and glared at Hao Ren, generating him retreat three methods in fear.
“How are my mom and dad not too long ago?” Hao Ren inquired.
Experiencing Grandma’s sad term, Hao Ren observed sorry.
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To his shock, Xie Yujia blushed on top of that. When she observed Zhao Yanzi keep glancing at her, she mentioned, “Zi talked with me. After your wedding day in the dragon palace…”
In truth, he got wished Lu Linlin and Lu Lili to be, but they got built their alternative, and then he couldn’t pressure the crooks to say on area for himself and the granny.
“Then… Let’s go!” Hao Ren pinched her tender cheek and withstood on top of a grin.
“If they enjoy Hao Ren, they can stick with him. Alas! It needs to be Hao Ren’s error they can kept! He need to have injure them!” Grandma out of the blue considered this and glared at Hao Ren, helping to make him retreat three steps in fear.
To his shock, Xie Yujia blushed likewise. When she spotted Zhao Yanzi keep glancing at her, she said, “Zi talked with me. Immediately after your wedding reception during the dragon palace…”
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“They are quite well! They only left behind for perform! I suppose nobody will handle me, an older young lady, any further!” Grandma claimed inside of a spurt of anger.
She really couldn’t keep to find out some of the young girls make.
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“I see…” Hao Ren’s center raced.

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