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Dragon King's Son-In-Law

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Chapter 305 wilderness truculent
Each and every carriage was packed respectively with agate, pearls, crystals, corals, white-colored jade, and ember .
Zhen Congming viewed Oldman Zeng’s back and observed the pleasure of revenge . He changed to think about Hao Ren and determined . “70Per cent in the loot goes toward me, therefore you obtain the relax . Tiny White colored gets the three products . Have you any objections?”
Immediately after adding aside the treasures, Zhen Congming shook his sleeves and viewed Oldman Zeng .
Zhen Congming started his sleeves and directed for the six carriages regarding his left hand, murmuring, “Acquire!”
The phrase on Oldman Zeng’s older facial area altered five times before he compressed out a grin with gritted the teeth . “Minor Daoist Zhen, you need to put it off a minute while we make them!”
To his surprise, Tiny Daoist Zhen had used every one of them!
His dragon main was again busy and quickly began taking in the numerous essences in their body system . He casually published a sword energy, and it also separated the liquid and photo greater in the seas 1,000 yards aside .
He didn’t are aware that Small Daoist Zhen’s storage s.p.a.ce was, the truth is, an enormous warehouse as large as a substantial soccer field!
Zhen Congming glanced their way, snorted, and went casually for the carriage stuffed with pearls . He collected 1 peal and examined it properly .
s.h.i.+vering, Oldman Zeng was in close proximity to being the earliest dragon cultivator to create a heart attack . Right after a mental health have difficulty, he took out the 3 objects and located them before Zhen Congming .
The vulnerable pearl shattered, as well as milky white-colored natural powder dropped into the floor .
He wasn’t going to use them for decor people were likely to be utilised in creating dharma treasures . It didn’t make any difference how gorgeous these people were if they have been not real, these folks were pointless to him .
Two environmentally friendly fire appeared in Tiny Daoist Zhen’s palms, and also the chain mailbox made from platinum immediately dissolved .
“Well, it looks like they don’t healthy,” Zhen Congming mentioned as he rubbed his chin and analyzed Minor Bright white .
Oldman Zeng and also the six elders moved the carriages to Zhen Congming and withstood aside silently .
Another piece was the Lotus Cloud Boots . Hao Ren couldn’t explain to what resources people were manufactured from, but they looked so gentle and incredible that they believed like they can fly at any moment .
He experienced like he couldn’t use it any more!
After placing aside the treasures, Zhen Congming shook his sleeves and investigated Oldman Zeng .
He then rode his airline flight dharma jewel in the dragon palace through the collapsed primary door .
If Tiny White colored didn’t want them, he could still drive them . Around this believed, Hao Ren got out about three fundamental Essence Replenishment Supplements and swallowed them .
Zhen Congming then assemble the crown on Tiny White’s head before standing upright .
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Zhen Congming viewed Oldman Zeng’s back and experienced the total satisfaction of vengeance . He switched to view Hao Ren and determined . “70% on the loot visits me, and you also find the sleep . Small White-colored has the 3 merchandise . Do you have any objections?”
Each and every carriage was crammed respectively with agate, pearls, crystals, corals, bright white jade, and ember .
“Nicely, it appears as though they don’t fit,” Zhen Congming said because he rubbed his chin and studied Minimal White colored .
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Oldman Zeng gasped in the vision . He desired to show his sincerity and had out these treasures, and this man considered that Tiny Daoist Zhen’s safe-keeping s.p.a.ce wouldn’t manage to consider the many treasures . He estimated Tiny Daoist Zhen to take among the better .
He experienced like he couldn’t carry it nowadays!
Zhen Congming glanced their way, snorted, and went casually towards the carriage full of pearls . He picked up 1 peal and researched it very carefully .
Minor Bright swallowed three of the glowing elixir tablets, and its fur sparkled with wonderful lights . In the event the fantastic sparks disappeared, its head of hair came back to the snow-whitened tone .
Little White-colored swam around Zhen Congming, and Zhen Congming chatted by using it before digging out a few wonderful elixir supplements and throwing them into Minor White’s jaws .

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